Monday, November 20, 2006

Sponky's end of year plan to becoming a better person

To get the jump on the new year, this is my current list of ambitions for self improvement:
  1. Stop biting nails. I am 30, goddammit, I should be able to do this by now. 'Stop and Grow' and nail file purchased, haven't bitten nails for a week.
  2. Lose some weight. Ok, so pretending it's going to go away next week is obviously not working. So, have joined Curves as it's only 30 minutes at a time, and heck, even I can do that.
  3. Break cycle of internet addition and get back many productive hours in my week. Step 1. Start leaving laptop at work. Step 2 . Not sure yet, will let you know.
  4. Do stuff now, don't leave it for 'Future-Sponky'. Mostly working well, current ambitions are putting washing away on the day it comes in from the line, putting dishes in dishwasher NOT on shelf, and doing non-dishwasher dishes directly after the meal they were involved in. Laundry is going well, dish-related activities are a bit patchy.


At 9:24 AM, Anonymous Betty Sue said...

Damn... how did you end up with my list?

I remember from when I was about 8 that you can get used to the taste of stop-n-grow, and you can suck it off in about 15 seconds.
I recommend getting a buffer - when they are super-shiny you won't be so inclined to bite them. And get some nail hardner to make them harder to bite through - biting polish is gross; and once the nails get tougher they become useful tools which mean you miss them if you bite them off.

And carry a file or nailscissors with you - I found I would manage not to nibble until I got a broken nail or a chip and then I wanted to bite it off.


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