Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sponky's not here right now.

Goodness, workshops are boring. Week 4 of workshop hell and sometimes you just drift off. I need a preprinted card to hang around my neck, so I can tick all that apply.

Sponky's body is here right now, but her mind is not: She is:
  • Wrestling aliens over a pit of alligators, Shatner-style
  • Shopping in SE Asia for interesting fabrics for use in Bebe-Sponky designs
  • Feeding Husband-person flaky chocolate crossiants
  • Helping the Doctor get over the loss of Rose
  • Buying a beach house in Nambucca Heads
  • Upgrading to a red mini with a white roof and black leather interior
  • Being Joss Whedon's costume director
  • Drinking a cup of takeaway coffee and waiting for the Tate to open
  • Building up a fabric stockpile of mass distruction
  • Making a really good sandwich
  • Sleeping
  • Working out a way to legitimately write herself into the cast of Firefly


At 1:23 PM, Blogger djbebe said...

yeah, combine workshops with the "it's almost Christmas" blues and you can add for me: composing Christmas shopping list; formulating menu for pre-Christmas, Christmas and post-Christmas functions; thinking of projects for Bebe-Sponky designs; thinking of wedding table decorations and invitations and bouquets.

At 1:45 PM, Anonymous Betty Sue said...

I am not here either, because I had a glass of wine at lunch and my mind is a lovely big BLANK.

I was wondering if anyone would mind if I decided to celebrate orthodox Christmas this year? That basically gives me another 2 weeks to get everything sorted.


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