Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fancy new colours

Thoughts, peoples? Too lairy?

28/10/05 Updates
To avoid blinding DJ bebe, the blue colour has been slightly revised. Also, I have worked out where the comments links went - I had made them the same colour as the background in my enthusasium. Here's hoping it now makes more sense!

Potions and Unguents

I think the new indicator for getting old is how many things you put on or in your body before you go to bed and just when you get up. Between the hours of 21:00 and 09:00 on any given evening/morning I may apply, take or insert:

  • tinea cream for my peeling feet OR heel balm for my cracked feet

  • fungus cream for my recurring fungal spots

  • anti-bruse cream for my bruises (but this is not a new one, so perhaps we will igmore this one

  • tea tree powder for my prickly heat (yeah Brisbane)

  • special hand cream for my dry hands and elbows

  • nasal spray so I can breathe

  • anti-histamine so I am not itchy

  • a Multi vitamin tablet and a calcium tablet

  • my occlusal splint so I don't grind my teeth

  • voltaren for all my little sore spots

Dream Log 1

I was in a secret bunker (very secret-bunker-like, full of dusty gas masks and things marked 'break glass in case of emergency') waiting for a business meeting, as you do. While waiting for the meeting, my engagement ring exploded into a million pieces, which annoyed me but the people I was waiting for showed up, so we went into the meeting and left their secretary to try to put the ring back together. I was being headhunted to run the IT department at Holden, which was bit confusing, because, despite working in IT, I am remarkably unqualified for, and I didn't want to move back to Melbourne. But AHAH! half way through this meeting, I realised it was all a secret ploy to distract me from a plot to allow a demon to sneak into our world via a portal in the floor of Mayne Hall at my old uni. When realised this, I escaped from the Holden guys, hooked up with Husband-person (in his Safety Boy uniform, of course), and we used the SECRET tunnels UNDER the university to enter Mayne Hall (I think that library extension really lodged in my subconscious) only to find DJ Bebe had managed to soothe the evil demon with amusing stories, strange hippy phrases (not sure where she learnt these, very unlike DJ), and lots of head stroking. So Husband-person and I left her to it, and went outside the lawns to ride in the little carnival planes. Mine was green. The end.

What we talked about at work today

Rain. Who got it, who didn't (commiserations), how much, how long, was it heavy, big heavy drops warm like blood, did it hail, how about that thunder then, damn the grass is growing, gotta clean the gutters out, RAIN.

Yeah Rain.

P.S. We have had 121mm at our place this month. More than average (80.9), much less than the record (394.6).

Fabulous Train Folk

Cheers to the three ladies and one small boy who shared my train pod on Tuesday morning. We had a lovely chat about absolutely nothing, which was a fabulous change from my normal entertainment on the train, which usually consists of me creating an imaginary "Show Down At House of Blue Leaves" style massacre where I mentally slaughter all of the annoying train peoples. Any boy, there is alot of them in Brisbane, I can tell you.

Case in Point: hello to the strange man who berated his ex-wife on the phone on the train home on Tuesday. Why bother taking a book on the train when you can hear people shouting "you are bad mother, you haven't seen him for six weeks" and "because you are a slut, that's why" half a carriage down.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Ok, so I remembered my password

So, have been working on my quilt design this week thanks to the most boring hotel room known to man (I mean, where is the cable, when I am in a hotel, I would like some Spongebob!). I have based it on 210 cm square for queen sized bed.

Inspired by a fantastic log cabin variation seen in the High Country last weekend.

Did some preliminary calculations and came out with 13 m of material required based on 90cm wide and 5mm seams. Does this sound right to you, Dj bebe? Seems like WAY too much to me, but I guess there is a lot of seams in that. Anyhoo, must finish the first one first...

I think I am turning into a goldfish

I used to be quite clever and have all my shit together but seem to be relying more and more on lists. Like tonight, I had to log into my email account to see what I was supposed to do this weekend, because, honestly, I would not be able to tell you

This is what I will be doing:
* preserve lemons
* berating husband for not providing me with backup dvd
* go to home brew store
* go to indian food wholesaler for LENTILS!
* go to gym (yes, it's on the list, in the hope I might actually go)
* get library books
* visit parents
* setup blog (check, one down!)

I have also already managed to forget what my password is to get into this site.